Eyelash and Eyebrow
extension systems

Which to choose?



Eyelash and Eyebrow extensions for a long time already have been helping to create a delicate and spectacular look, not only for Hollywood stars and top models but also among other ladies. Ability to hide flaws and highlight the beauty of the eye to give depth and expression to the look - is the main components of the success of this cosmetic procedure. The variety of extension systems from the Perfect Silk Lashes™, will allow visually change the shape of the eyes, to correct too light or straight eyelashes, make eyelashes denserto balance the facial proportions. The system of semi-permanent extensions PSL™ is designed to meet the different needs and different ways of extensions, thickness, curvature, length and color palette. To create volume and lush use the Volume System, that allows you to glue two or more artificial lashes on a natural one. If you prefer a natural and delicate look, use One by One System, in which an artificial lash is glued to a natural. To complete the image, try Eyebrow System. It will help to emphasize or correct the eyebrow line.
Perfect Silk Lashes™ offers a wide range of eyelashes, which are extremely easy to use. If you want to achieve volume lasting for several days, use the Flare System,where eyelashes are arranged in a beam and must be glued directly to the eyelid.If you are interested in something more simple and quick to use, select Strip System. Lashes with a glue layer, which you can easily apply and remove within seconds and use them again when needed.

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions



“Volume System” will help to achieve an incredible volume, as it implies to glue two or more artificial lashes to a natural one. The result is a charming and deep look.


MINK Line - Volume System

Professional line of semi-permanent eyelash extensions Volume System.

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions

One By One System


System of semi-permanent eyelash extensions “One by One System“  . It is based on gluing a lash extension on the natural one. It creates the most natural look, but at the same time with slightly glamorous effect.


MINK Line - One By One System

Professional line of semi-permanent eyelash extensions One By One.



Professional line of semi-permanent eyelash extensions One by One System. Glossier comparing with Mink Line

Eyebrow extensions

Eyebrow extension system

Eyebrow System


The system of semi-permanent eyebrow extensions  “Eyebrow System” allows emphasizing the individual characteristics of the person.

extension sopracciglia


Discover lines for eyelashes extensions



Flare System


Semi-professional Flare System allows you to glue false eyelashes directly to the eyelid. The term of usage is from one to three days. It can be removed at any time.


Flare Lashes

Semi-professional line. Gluing lashes to the eyelids using the Flare System .

Eyelashes with glued layers


Strip System


Strip System allows you to quickly apply eyelashes directly to the eyelid. After applying they can be the easily removed and used repeatedly.

Strip_line lashes

Decorative Lashes

The professional line of decorative eyelashes is provided with a large variety of colors and shapes. They are ideal for creating an extravagant theatrical or cinematic makeup.